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Your Pet's Chip

We bring the power of a veterinary microchip scanner directly to pet owners like you
  • Does the chip work? Try it free

  • Activate your chip today!

  • You got a chip, use it

Check the Chip today

Safe & Secure

Always Free to Test (For Anyone!)

Safer Pet 


The First Ever Microchip Scanning & Registration Kiosk
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Kiosk Services

Kiosk Service Options:

Test a Chip

Test a Chip (2).png

Does your pet's microchip work? Come and test it for free.


It's easy. Just move the integrated microchip scanner over the pet's shoulders. You found the chip!

Check the Chip uses a universal microchip scanner which can read all pet chips in the US and foreign chip frequencies too. The kiosk can detect and read 125kHz, 128kHz and 134.2kHz (ISO) encrypted and unencrypted microchips.

Register a Pet

Register a Pet v2.png

Is the chip registered? Is your contact information accurate?

If in doubt, register the chip. It's easy!


An incorrectly registered microchip can be worse than no microchip at all. The shelter or vet will see old information, try to contact that owner and assume they have done their best to get the pet home.


Always keep the chip up-to-date simply and easily with Check the Chip! 

Found a Lost Pet?

Found a Lost Pet.png

Found a lost pet? Bring the pet to the kiosk and check for a chip. If there is a chip, we'll help you find the owner.


We are experts in navigating the complex microchip system

This is a free service. Always.

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How We're Different

Palo Alto

"I just assumed it worked. I had no idea. Feels good to know. Thank you!"
"Wow! Cool! Thank you!"


Santa Clara

Portola Valley

"I can't believe something like this doesn't already exist. This is awesome."
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