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Registering is Easy

Registering is Easy

Chip Registration Pricing


A pet can become lost in an instant. Make sure your pet's microchip always has your most updated information - from puppy/kitten hood to their senior companion stage.


We help you keep your pet registered through all of life's stages.

3 months free !


Then $49 for the Lifetime of Your Pet

*Three months free registration begins when your first pet is registered. If you add additional pets within those three months, they are also free. All pets require payment three months after your first pet's registration date.

How to register your pet:

All pets must register through a Check the Chip kiosk.


Why? This ensures we have the correct microchip number from the start and no human transcription errors in numeric or alphanumeric unique pet microchip codes can happen - ever.

How to Register Your Pet
Protection & Engagement

Protection & Engagement

Data Integrity From Day 1 to Day 5,000+ (a ~13.7 year old pet), the microchip registration must continually act to ensure the pet owner is reachable throughout the life of the pet. Check the Chip charges a fee because it takes data security professionals, database administrators, hardware and software engineers to meet the expectations we hold to protect pets.

A Commitment to the Public and Communities Check the Chip offers public access to microchip scanners safely, conveniently and locally for free to anyone who needs it. Studies show (1) that people who find a lost pet want to help it return home so the pet never enters a shelter. We are committed to helping these Good Samaritans. Our free-to-use kiosks give these Good Samaritans the required tools to help lost pets. These free kiosk services are supported by registration fees.

Microchip Registration We've interviewed hundreds of pet owners across the U.S. and most pet owners cannot name their registration company. This is not the pet owners fault. If a company promises to help, they must ensure the pet owner knows who they are, what they stand for and that they are committed to helping a lost pet return home. Unlike free registration services, we will never sell personal data. Ever. 

(1) Lord, L. DVM, PHD, Wittum, T. PHD, Ferketich, A. PHD (2007). Search methods that people use to find owners of lost pets. Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) Volume 230: Issue 12.

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