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Found a lost pet?

Visit a Kiosk

  1. Select Found a Lost Pet kiosk option

  2. Scan the pet

  3. You found the chip!

Is Your Pet Lost?

Is Your Pet Lost?

Please share as much detailed information as you can. We will launch our Check the Chip tools in your immediate area to help your pet back home - where they belong.


Our hearts break for you. We're here to help.

Help us start the search:


If you prefer, please call us:

We're on it. We'll reach out ASAP to give more information on our next steps!

Lost Pet Support Service

Help for Good Samaritans Who Have Found a Lost Pet

Millions of pets are lost every year and many will be helped by Good Samaritans who spend countless hours tracking down a pet's owner.


We offer this service for free. 

The Lost Pet Support service includes:

  • 1-on-1 support from a Check the Chip staff member (who is a highly knowledgeable microchip system expert)

  • We are quick and efficient - getting high quality answers fast

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Found a Lost Pet?
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