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  • How do I add another pet to my profile?
    New pets can only be added by visiting a microchip scanning kiosk. This ensures that we capture the microchip number and that the microchip actually works! That way, we can both be confident that if your pet is ever lost, we have all we need to bring them back home.
  • Can I change the microchip number?
    No. The microchip number is the unique key we need to match them to you and to keep them safe. This number must always stay the same.
  • Can I add pet videos?
    We love pet videos but we cannot support them at this time.
  • Can I suggest a new feature?
    Yes! We would love to hear about the features you want. Please reach out to and tell us what features you want to see!
  • What if I move? Should I update my address?
    If you move, please update to the new address to your profile. This is important! If any of your pets are ever lost, we broadcast the lost pet notice to the closest kiosks to your home address. (So if you used to live in Austin, TX and now you live in Sausalito, CA, we will broadcast to Austin, TX kiosks.)
  • I got divorced/broke-up with my partner. Should I remove them?
    That is up to you. If you know they would help if/when a pet is lost and can instantly jump in to help return them home, then consider re-listing them as a Friend or Relative. That way, we can be sure we know their relationship to you and your pets.
  • How can I change my primary email address in my Owner Profile?
    Please reach out to Check the Chip Support at
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