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Check the Chip is Changing the Game for Pet Microchips
It's so much more than just another
 pet microchip database.

SAN CARLOS, Calif.  - May 1, 2024

Check the Chip, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of the first ever microchip scanning and registration kiosk for pet owners.

This self-service kiosk has an integrated microchip scanner designed specifically for the public, empowering pet owners and Good Samaritans with the technology they need to easily register their own pets and help more lost pets return home like never before. Check the Chip's kiosk is changing the game for pet microchips by bringing microchip scanners out of veterinary offices and making them freely accessible to the public - free to use.


Microchips were designed to give lost pets the best chance of returning home. Millions of US pets are microchipped and yet there is no easy access to microchips scanners nor registration services. According to the American Humane Society, ten million dogs and cats are lost every year. The current microchip system can be frustrating for a Good Samaritan who is trying their best to return a lost pet home and it’s a scary and vulnerable time for the owner and the pet as well. Before the new Check the Chip kiosk solution, Good Samaritans had to locate a scanner, scan the chip, manually transcribe the chip number, look up the database, contact the database, and then somehow contact the owner. All other microchip databases require these multiple manual steps, leaving Good Samaritans and pet owners confused and in the dark along the way. Check the Chip sees these manual steps as severely outdated, cumbersome and fraught with human error - all of which are eliminated through Check the Chip's kiosk. 


Check the Chip has dedicated many years of research and are experts in understanding existing challenges for pet microchips. They have thoughtfully created a simple-to-use kiosk which is a game changer for pet owners. Check the Chip is not just another database because they put the pet owners and Good Samaritans in the driver seat. Olivia White, Founder & CEO of Check the Chip, Inc., said: “We love pets and we love technology. We know that microchips work flawlessly but the key is to give communities access to scanner technology. This gives the best chance of helping lost microchipped pets return home. It all starts with simple and smart access to microchip scanners and strong tech that makes the process easier. Lost pets don't have to end up in a shelter, they just need to return home safer and faster, where pets belong.”


Check the Chip’s kiosk offers three services. Anyone can test their pet’s microchip for free to ensure it works and a Good Samaritan who finds any lost pet can scan the pet's microchip at the kiosk - also for free. Pet owners can register their pet’s microchip into Check the Chip’s database for a one-time, lifetime registration fee of $49, giving them the best in-class reunification service, expedited through smart technology. If their registered pet is ever lost, a scan at any kiosk will instantly alert the pet owner, delivering the best possible microchip system available by expediting the lost pet reunification process by orders of magnitude over other databases.


About Check the Chip, Inc.

Check the Chip™ delivers the best microchip kiosk technology that empowers pet owners and communities to keep pets safe and to send lost pets back home easier and quicker than ever before. The self-service kiosks have three services available: Free Microchip Check, Register the Chip and Found a Lost Pet?. The passionate team of experts at Check the Chip love technology and love pets and believe in delivering the best technology to make the world safer for pets and to ensure they make it back home, where they belong. For more information on Check the Chip™ or kiosk locations, visit


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